Who is Tatutina

Since we are celebrating 30 years in business, we decided to look back and reflect on where we came from and who we are…

1-Barbara on Amalfi Coast 1964

When Barbara was 18, she moved from Argentina to Naples, Italy, and fell in love with Salvatore Florena.

1-Barbara and Sasa 60s

She also fell in love with the Amalfi Coast and began painting her naif scenes of colorful houses, rolling hills and she signed her work “tatutina.”

1-Barbara 1st painting

A common nickname in Italian for Salvatore is Sasa.  Barbara thought her husband was too handsome and too tall to be called Sasa, so she nicknamed him Tata.  He then turned the name around and called her “little Tata” or Tatutina – and he became Tatutino.

1-Salvatore in the 60s

Barbara and Sasa now have two little girls, and they move to the United States, where Barbara continues her original paintings on canvas and furniture, and she decides to hand paint children and baby garments.  Along comes baby #3, sweet Caroline!

1-Caroline as a baby1977

Barbara officially opens her studio in the basement of their home and began selling hand painted T-shirts and paintings to family, friends and anyone who came over.

By now, Georgia (daughter #2), started to get inspired and would ask “what can we make today?”

1-Georgia in the 70s

Roberta (daughter #1), loved being surrounded by all the hearts.

1-Roberta and hearts in the 70s

And somehow, she wasn’t embarrassed to wear rainbows out in public, and hang out with her kid sister.

1-RO and Caroline 1970s

By now, Barbara, aka Tatutina, was becoming famous for her rows of hearts.  At least in her own neighborhood.  She was not only an incredible artist, but she loved to sell her paintings and work and decided to hit the streets of Boston.

1-Barbara at Bear Necessities

One of her first retail accounts was a store called The Bear Necessities.  They ordered some baby garments and teddy bear outfits and decorated the front window.  A good moment in time.

1-Caroline in hearts

Everyone was happy and everything was colorful.  Until one day, tragedy struck and Salvatore passed away suddenly, leaving Barbara and her 3 young daughters heartbroken. Tatutina would need to take some time off as Barbara stopped painting to be with her family and figure some things out.

How could she go on?

Somehow she does…to be continued…


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