Creative minds

Tatutina was excited to welcome co-founders Jeff Sparr and Matthew Kaplan of PeaceLove Studios  to our studio to discuss collaborating.

PeaceLove1Georgia, Roberta, Matthew, Jeff & Barbara

As women, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends we are inspired by the PeaceLove message. For years Tatutina has created art and products to help and make people happy.  Our #1 seller since 1999, the take out menu box has seen many styles over the years.

SB99-OriginalThe Original Take out menu box

Now over 20 styles, Tatutina  is happy to introduce the Jewish Cookbook (for take out menus) after years of requests by our customers, we hesitated,  but the feedback was overwhelming!

SB34-2While visiting, Jeff came upon a sample, chuckled and instantly needed one to organize his take out menus!  We create products through our needs, such as messy junk drawers filled with take out menus, realizing that our needs are also the needs of many.

peace of mind

Well in a much more profound way Jeff has done this with PeaceLove Studios.  Jeff found the need to represent mental illness not as the taboo subject it has been for so long but as a real need for help, discussion and acceptance.  By painting Jeff discovered a peace of mind that helped him with his illness, realizing it may help others too, PeaceLove studios was born.


1 in 4 Americans live with a diagnosable mental illness. It impacts us all, yet remains misunderstood.  PeaceLove is building the first symbol of acceptance of hope for mental illness.

Life can be stressful. Creative expression can heal.


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