Family Recipe Box

It seems as though Americans are cooking up a storm.  We have a passion for the food network, and eating healthy.  We are constantly thinking of what to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner…yet we need to get to the soccer field right at 6:00 pm.

Our grandmother had everything written down on these cute little index cards, with her crazy cursive hand-writing, that was hard to read by any kid .   But those little cards were all she needed to get her meals planned and cooked.  And that was all we needed as her grandchildren, to watch her cook.

Our grandmother, Bunny

So this is how we come up with our product line.  We have “meetings” and talk about the things we like, the things we did, the things we need…and then we say: “We should make that!”  So we did.  We decided to add recipe boxes to our line of goods.  However, we thought to design an updated, yet “old-fashioned” type of recipe box.  Old fashioned only in the sense that they will be made of durable wood, they’ll hold 4×6 index cards, and they’re hinged in the back for easy opening.  But here’s the twist…not one of our boxes will be decorated with roosters, cherries or stained wood.  We will have fun recipe boxes, with fun motifs and bright colors.  And made for the whole family.

It looks like an oven, but it’s a recipe box!

Coffee cup design

Silver Oven — looks just like stainless steel!

Black & White Mod Circles

All recipe boxes are available on our web site:


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